How sure are you about your mental health status?

What comes in your mind when you hear about mental health?… people have got numerous ways of defining mental health.

Scientifically, mental health includes our emotional, physical, social and well being,
which affects our partner of thinking, acting and feeling.

What compromises mental health is a wide rage of conditions that affects thinking and behavior which are called mental disorders..

One might be ignorant of these disorders because it is difficult to recognise it as an individual, unless you have some knowledge about mental health issues..

Mental  conditions includes..

Clinical depression…A mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood, or loss of interest in usual activities.

Anxiety disorders… Which is a mental health disorders characterized by excessive worry, anxiety, or strong fear which interferes with one’s daily activities.

Eating disorder is one of them , an example of it is anorexia nervosa.This can be known when an individual has extreme concerns about their body weight, an individual uses restrictive food, pills, or too much exercises in order to prevent weight gain..

Sexual disorder
These disorders are very common not only in Zambia but world wide also.. They co-occure with anxiety disorder, depression, obsessive compulsive and many more.

These Can also be classified into paraphilias
and sexual dysfunction. which is defined as a problem with sexual response or sexual functions.

80% of people suffer from mental health issues one way or another without recognizing it because symptoms of most disorders seem to be normal..

How can we prevent mental illness seeing that it Carter’s for a wide range of people ?

Avoid alcohol and other drugs.. Keep alcohol intake to a minimal most people use alcohol and other drugs to self medicate, but in reality, alcohol agriviates problems.

Quiet your mind .., relaxation, avoid stress, meditation may help you feel calm.

Set realistic goals.. Set goals of what you want to achieve, academically,personally and professionally.

Psychotherapy, Psychoeducation, family therapy, group therapy and medications can also help treat mental illness

Check your mental status carefully.. Remember your health matters.

Pauline Mwila is a medical student, a model and a media personality.



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