Paul Lambert I’d the current Mr Independent Zambia.  in this interview with Royd, he speaks on his journey to become famous.

His excerpt ;

Hello Mr paul, this is Royd from Glitztv Magazine, can I meet you?

Hey yes we can meet Royd , how are you ?

Can you tell me about yourself? 

My names are paul lambert muboyayi tshisuaka I’m 20 year old I completed high school already I’m a fun person yeah.

Great I see you participated in pageant, can you tell me more about it?

It was my first time to be part of a pageant I was so scared of loosing I made friends it was a good experience I thank God I made it

did you start your journey into pageantry, And what motivated you? 

I first did a fashion show then I was called to walk as a pageant. I’m Mostly motivated by models around the world trying to get the modeling industry grow big.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself running my own motor company.

Who is your role model?

Jeff bezos.

If you were given an opportunity to go around the world,were would you go and why?

I would go to italy
So that I audition for all the big brands.


with this pandemic, What role are you going to play as a king in your community/country? 

I will let people know how to avoid getting the virus and assist those with no mask to have them.

With everything that you have going on, how do you intend to handle the crown?

Despite everything going on I intend to handle my crown with full responsibility, gratitude and passion.  This will help me to fullfil my duties and vision as King for the people a voice and face for the nation as a whole.

Say a word to your fans out thare and tell them what to expect. 

To be focused on things that will benefit them and the nation. To chase their dreams and never give up. To always remember to stand up whenever they fall because on their feet is a place they are strong enough to be who they want to be. Always put God first cause he is the one who can give us the freedom we need and he’ll grant us the self-independence we need for both growth and development.

I will keep them updated they should follow me and support me on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you Mr Paul, it has been a great time with you. 

Thanks I enjoyed conversing with you too


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