Gov Ben Ayade Presenting budget of Blush and Bliss

Gov Ben Ayade Presenting budget of Blush and BlissSenator Ben Ayade while presenting the budget frowned at the recentĀ  obnoxious occurrence that befell the state which has tainted Cross River state and is thus making him present the budget in a such state of melancholy as this is an unusual budget in the history of Cross River state.

Senator Ayade thanked Cross Riverians who stood firm in the part of justice, honor and patriotism to provide a shoulder that has held the state strong while also condoling with Cross Riverians who in the course of the mayhem have suffered and incurred losses and he prayed he for this dastardly event never to occur again in Cross River state.

The Governor, Senator Ben Ayade advised Cross Riverians to avoid odious politics which is detrimental to them as individuals, and the state in general and rather bid for research, innovations and wealth creation to thrive which is of great contributions to human capacity development, as he in his position as Governor met with his executives to put together ideas on how to liberate Cross Riverians from poverty, which also necessitated an interface between Government and the young people to address their concerns and the Government provided succor, immediate suspension of tuition, increase in the number of youths employment, extension of NYSC to ensure that unemployment is reduced and the young men are gradually getting satisfied, adding that whoever seeks to serve cross river state must seek with his good conscience and the fear of God, as they avoid the desperation of making politics the only pecuniary source of livelihood.

The Governor, Senator Ben Ayade reiterated that because of the mayhem that has befallen cross river state, he has decided with his Executive council to focus the budget on humanitarian perspectives to analyze and understand the basis for the crisis that cross river state experienced and define clearly the exceeded boundaries that have caused the ignominy which have befallen the state, as he seeks to address hunger and poverty which is not celebrated in cross river state.

The Governor also enumerated his achievements as the engagements of six thousand employees even with the very low revenue of the state.

Appointment of twenty three stagnated permanent secretaries, paid gratuities and pensions, invested in aggressive agriculture through the rice seedlings factories, massive industrialization for efficient job. PlacementsĀ  through the constructions of The garment factory, the groundnut oil processing plant, the tooth pick factory, the Calachika, the Piles and Pylon factory, Callypharm, among others which is aimed at massive job creation for indigenes of cross river state.

The Governor appealed to Cross Riverians to join him in his industrial philosophy and avoid distractions as they return back to be the good people they have always been known for.

The 2021 budget will shift focus from the giant projects and refocus on the people and the essence of existence which is centered on poverty, hunger and insecurity.

Provision of trainings through the cross river state construction and fabrication academy to enhance employments for the youths, security and border patrols, adequate provision of agricultural equipment.

Create employment in the agricultural sector to produce export products that will boost the state economy and also the cargo airport which will also employ Cross Riverians and ease export of our produce to foreign countries.

While the Governor also Informed the Cross river state house of assembly and Cross Riverians on the final registration of Cally air and the state airline coming soon.

He call on Cross Riverians to harmonize to create, maintain and sustain the beautiful and peace loving Cross River state they have always been known for.


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