James Mwila is famous for his big carreer highlight, The Man of the World Zambia, the Face & Body for www.spiderwebworldwide.net and is also obsessed with business.

Growing up in a family of five children with a single mother, it wasn’t easy for his mother to accommodate all their needs. James’s business interests started in primary level where he started selling bubble gum and sweets to help his mother, he also did the same in high school that is how he ended up owning a poultry business after finishing high school.

James’s ultimate goal in the next five years is to become the most successful businessman and own his modeling agency which will empower the youth in small vulnerable communities. His inspiration comes from his mother.


  1. This is just one small recognition of many success to come of your passion, dedication, and enthusiasm. Congratulation JAMES MWILA for this special moment. If you have a dream, go out and make it happen…


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