Nigeria! Can you hear me?
I don’t seem to recognize you.
Can you hear me?
I thought you to be an iroko

An iroko with peace, unity and freedom
But I see,
Peace that rips off peace of mind.
Unity that segregates the young from the old.
Freedom that confines.

We’re done being slaves right?
But I see, chains
I see predators and preys
Liberty are for those who possess the audacity to grab it.
One man taking it all
But, doing little to pacify his conscience.

Forgot to mention
People having problems with corruptions only when they’re not benefitting.
Equality weighed on the power you possess,
The tribe you come from.
Is being a Nigerian a sin?
No way!!

I won’t run away.
Change begins from those who hunger for it.
I will lead by example.
I will revamp Nigeria.
It will be the Nigeria of my dream.
I won’t give up the fight
I will build the Nigeria of our dreams.
The one our patriotic leaders fought for.

One I can recognize


  1. Cool content, read the poem and make corrections. Look for more hooks and never drift from the main message you want to portray. This was nice stuff though, welldone!


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