Some women are often tense before and during sexual intercourse because of a bad previous sexual experience which left them in pain, rape, sexual abuse, just to mention a few. This interferes with their interest in sex ,which consequently prevents them from reaching orgasm or makes them avoid sex altogether.

As such, if you notice that your partner seems anxious when you are making sexual advances, you should try to reassure her that you will be gentle with her and make sure that you stick to your words at first.

When you succeed at doing this, she will drop her guard and become sexually vulnerable. At this stage, you will notice a few signs of arousal such as reddening of her eyes, increased breathing, fidgeting, and the like. Don’t start nailing her yet. Continue stimulating her until she feels the urge to pull you.

Then you should start killing her softly, gradually increasing your pace and swaying your waist like a Rhumba dancer. This will probably increase her sexual excitement and make her lose her mind.Just be careful lest she bites you or slaps you because women tend to do all sorts of things at this stage…..

#side note: no sex before marriage

# please be patient friends as I continue working on my book

The year of victory through perseverance

Apart from being a mantla health practitioner Mr farai Mbundire is also a researcher,a mental health lecturer and a writer.


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