Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta Say’s he must ‘take the bullet’s’ for he’s side recent poor form in the league.

The Gunners are currently 15 on the log, with just one win in their last eight games in the cempetition. This has led to question over mike’s future at Arsenal after 12 months.

“This is our reality now and we have to face it by being brave, fighting, and no one giving up. It’s not time to hide it’s time to put your face and your body on the line.”  Arteta said.

“At the moment, I’m sorry, but we have to take the bullets. We are not winning football matches and you have to put your chest there. Hit me, because you have the right to hit me we are not winning.

” what else can I do? Put my head down, work harder, and try to improve.

“It’s natural, I accept it and it’s part of the job. When you are not getting results, it’s the manager who has maximum responsibility. That’s why I accept because you can say whatever you want to explain, but at the end, you have to win football matches.

” this club is too big to accept this many losses in the last weeks my chest is here hit me, Guy’s. ”

Also the Gunner’s technical director Edu came out to urged the club fan to support and believe in Arteta.

“My main message is that we are not talking about only one person. It is unfair to talk about Mikel or Aubumeyang because he is not scoring goals, or Bernd Leno because he has to stop the goals.

” it is unfair to talk about one person. We are a football team, we have to talk about ourselves, talk about ‘we’ and not ‘him’ so that for me is main message.

“The way I see things is very simple. It’s normal and easy to be driven by the results. But for me, the main point is when I see something in which I can see the future, see where we go, the way we’re building things, starting to see it on a daily basis.

“So the way we work, the way we train, the way we behave internally. If you see the quality of the work, if you see the quality of the people, if you see properly what’s happening here on a daily basis, it’s nothing to compare with the results.”



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