Joseph Mngomezulu is the founder of South African Youth Development FM (SAYDFM). Which is based in The following towns, Rustenburg,Sasolbuurg and Bethlehem. According to Mngomezulu the station is for the Youth and focuses on concent that will uplift and grow young people in various ways.

The station was founded in August 2019 under the Movable Enterprises FM (MEFM), officially aired as SAYDFM on 23 May 2020.

In addition Mngomezulu says his listeners belive that the SAYDFM sound been only for only South Africans,so they proposed the name to be changed to (YDFM) Youth Development FM.

The purpose of the station is to give an opportunity to previously disadvantaged families to market their Businesses, skills and products they may have. It is also a voice for young people to share ideas and help each other with problems.
Although the station is for the Youth, it also has content which caters for adults up to the age of 45.
Children can start listening from as early as 5 years old.
According to Mngomezulu, streaming is the future, which is why is why the station operates Online and not on a regular frequency, with online and not on a regular frequency,with online radio, listers are able to tune in at any time with just the click of a button.

Mngomezulu says his team is busy with Vodacom to set up his website and streaming to be accessed free of charge.
Mngomezulu looks to one employ permanent staff to run the station with him, preferably young people.
He also added that he would like to have enough listeners to create a marketing platform for struggling businesses.
The link to the radio station is
Which will soon change to


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