With the increase in insecurity in Nigeria, the country is is in a need for urgent solution. media expert and a business man, Nura Otu Oshibu have called on traditional rulers across the country to as a matter of urgency set up vigilantee groups in their communities to cope the increasing insecurity challenges in the country.

Nura Otu Oshibu said insecurity is a thing of concern for all and we keep waiting on the government to secure our lives and properties.

Though the government of Nigeria is trying it’s best to protect our lives and properties, it’s also our cooperate and social responsibility as individuals to come together in our various communities and set up vigilantee groups to check the inflow of persons within our communities.

This vigilantee groups should be set up by our traditional rulers because they are close and conversant with their terrain’s .
This vigilantee groups should be men and women of good reputation who will not in turn cause mayhem to their communities.

This vigilantee groups should be equipped to combat any situation arising.
The traditional rulers as chief security to their communities should from time to time carry out routines check of the the security architecture of the communities.
And also a means of financing should be derived by the communities .

Security of life and properties is a thing for all and should not be left for the government only.

This vigilantee groups should work hand in hand with security Agencies to achieve their goal.
It is a thing of concern when unknown gun men intrude into our communities,kill and mend unexpectedly.we all ought to take up security as a thing for all.
With the increasing insecurity in Nigeria,ranging from Boko Haram ,herdmen and farmers,IPOB,Shiites , kidnapping,communal clashes in Nigeria, traditional rulers should take up the responsibility of securing life’s and properties of their communities.

The government owes us that responsibility of securing our lives and properties but it can’t be achieved without us putting in our best in helping the government achieve it.

I will urge us all to be vigilant and support the government in achieving peace in our dear country Nigeria.
All our leaders ranging from political, religious, business,enterprenure should work ascidiously with our traditional rulers in achieving this goals.
Security is a thing for all ,let’s put our hands together in achieving it.poo


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