Mr James Mwila is currently The Man of the World Zambia. He has been invited to compete in the Philippines as a finalist for the The Man of the World 2021 competition.

He is the current face and body of SPIDERWEB WORLDWIDE. Β GLITZTV MAGAZINE will be his exclusive media outlet throughout his journey.

In the following weeks ahead Mr James Mwila’s life will be exclusively covered until the end of the Journey.
Written by (Ms Kananelo Chaba).


  1. Spiderweb is the best thank you to the spiderweb management team for giving us the platform wich allow us to share our talents with the world via free promotional services.

  2. All the best to Mr James Mwila! And good luck to Spiderweb Worldwide and all those involve in this project too. God bless you all!

  3. Thanks alot to Spiderwebworldwide and GlitzTv for this platform. Not forgetting everyone supporting us ……Gob bless you all πŸ™

  4. Mr James Mwila that is ur the day you were born go and get it make africa proud men of the world 2021 is urs spiderweb world wide and Glitztv thanks to the team

  5. Mr james mwila its your thirst to succeed and serious determination, shall only lead to a glorious way ahead. Good luck to spiderweb worldwide and all the best to you


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