The United State is set for its November 3, 2020 elections. Atleast three Nigerian-American participating in the elections.

The US will also be holding Other elections apart from the presidential elections. Governorship elections will be holding in 11 states and two territories including local governments.

Congress elections for all the 435 seats for the US House of Representatives and 35 out of the 100 seats for senate.

The Nigerian-American candidates are vying for different offices in the federal, state and local level. Most of this aspirants are contesting in Democratic Party.

39-year-old Ademiluyi is running with the democratic party for Judge of the Seventh Circuit at Prince George County in Maryland.

Esther Agbaje a 35-year-old is contesting to represent District 59B for the Minnesota House of Representatives under the Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party(DFLP) related to the US Democratic Party.

Esther is a mother of a priest and a Librarian all from Nigeria. She defeated a long time state Representative Raymond Dehn in Primaries.

She is a Law graduate from Harvard University, a master degree holder from the University of Pennsylvania. She have served in the US department of State.

Akubuike is running as an independent candidate for judge of the Minnesota 2nd District at Local level.

She graduated from Law in Nigeria, worked in the banking sector. She moved to the US where she served as as legal manager for the state of Minnesota.

Akubuike said she is running for Ramsey County Judge so that she can bring humanity in delivering justice


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