Obianuju Catherine Udeh born on the 26th of April 1984 in Warri, Delta state is a disc jockey, songwriter and musician and she is mononymously and professionally known as DJ switch.

DJ Switch who previously spoke to CNN’s Becky Anderson about Lekki toll gate shooting on Wednesday, 18th 2020 has been accused by the minister of information and culture, Lai Mohammed for sharing false news.

The renowned disc jockey who streamed live the shooting at the Lekki toll gate masscre during the END SARS protest previously had a chat with Becky Anderson on Wednesday. During the chat, the Nigerian activist DJ switch described the Nigerian government as a dictatorship with a democratic face and she doesn’t mind getting arrested when she returns to the country.

Morever, according to the Nigerian disc jockey, the government has become a dictatorship headed by people who arrest and persecute innocent citizens.

However, the minister of information and Culture, Lai Mohammed who made known that the federal government threatens to sanction CNN news over Lekki shooting report, on his press briefing today the 19th of November, 2020 said that DJ switch will soon be exposed for spreading false hood.

The minister spoke contrary to the Nigerian DJ report that stated her life was in danger and the police and military declared her wanted, he said it is all false.

According to the minister, one of the purveyor of fake news and disinformation during the END SARS crisis was DJ switch despite the fact that she claims to have authentic evidence of mass killings.

He said surprisingly, instead of presenting whatever evidence she may have to the judicial panel, she chose to escape from the country under the pretext that her life is in danger, I ask, in danger from whom? He questioned. The military has come out today they never sought after her, to the best of our knowledge, the police never declared her wanted, her conducts thus becomes suspect he said.

Who is she fronting for? What is her real motive? Who are her sponsors? He questioned again.
Furthermore, the minister went on by throwing more questions,

“if she has any evidence of killings, why is she not presenting it to the panel? And if she was so desperate for asylum in any country, does she have to resort to blatant falsehood to tarnish the image of the country just to achieve her aim?

Subsequently, the minister of information and culture went further to say that DJ switch will be exposed for what she is, a fraud and a front for devisive and destructive forces.

Conclusively, he appealed to countries that have made hasty judgements on the basis of news he declared as fake and disinformation emanating from the END SARS crisis to endeavor to seek and find the truth.


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