In this interview, the newly crowned Miss Culture Africa Queen, Deborah Nti grants an exclusive interview with Mr K of glitztv Magazine.
Her excerpt;

Congratulations I was at the event too
This is Mr K from Glitztv

Ohk, Thanks so much.

So how does it feel?
Absolutely awesome,It feels like a dream.

You had a dream of having a crown on your head?
I’ve always had a dream of being a voice to the voiceless
The crown is only to facilitate that much better.

Now it’s on your head, fantastic is it not?
It is; completely!

So tell me more about yourself
My name is Debora Adepa Nti. I am 22 years and proudly Ghanaian. I come from Sefwi Wiawso in the Western North region of Ghana. I am a graduate of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology where I pursued Geography and rural development. My motivation comes from what I set my mind to, what I believe in, what I stand for, and realizing what it takes to get it because getting it draws an impact to the rest of the world.

Queen Deborah
Queen Deborah


How do you intend to manage the challenges that comes with the crown?
Challenges are bound to come up. I believe it’s about knowing what you’re about. If you do, you’d definitely know how to manage them. And also having the right people around you to guide you every step of the way.

What will be your first project?
Standing for a decrement in the rate of Cervical cancer in Africa

As a pioneer Queen much is expected, what is your relationship with your boss?
He’s an amazing person and I’m looking forward to having a mind blowing working relationship with him

CEO Miss Culture Africa, Mr David Achuri with the Queen
CEO Miss Culture Africa, Mr David Achuri with the Queen

What words of encouragement can you give to other Contestants?
One doesn’t need a crown to be a queen. And skipping the crown doesn’t make you a loser. Discover yourself and force life to begin from there. That’s just the way to win.

What should your fans be expecting from you?
advise they don’t expect anything. Else they’ll be blown away. Instead, I expect them to have my project at heart since it’s one major problem in Africa and give their utmost support to make it a success

Is this your first time in Nigeria?
Yes please.

How did you adapt so quickly?
We’re all Africans and our way of living is almost the same. Adapting to the Nigerian style shouldn’t be a hard nut to crack

😄Yea you cracked it.


Your Country will give you a warm welcome am sure of that.
I’m certain they will. They’re so proud of this success for Ghana.

So what is your personal project going forward? Give us some insight.
As I stated earlier, I stand to see a decrease in the rate of Cervical cancer cases. I already set up a foundation known as “The Adepa Factor” which seeks this course. Cervical cancer is the second most popular cancer.
It is heartbreaking when you come across women who have no or little idea about Cervical cancer. In most cases, some women have never heard about this disease and it’s taking a lot of lives worldwide.
Very elaborate.

Miss Deborah I know you will be back with us especially with me in future
Most definitely.

We will be having you from time to time
It’d be a pleasure

I had fun talking with you.
The delight remains unmatched 😊



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