Rt Hon. Mike Etaba the member representing Obubra / Etung in the federal house of representatives in an online interview with glitztv magazine talks about Governor Ben Ayade industrialisation drive.

Undoubtedly, Rt.Hon Mike Etaba referred to the project as a massive one, he said that with the idea of industrializing Cross river, we have a governor that understand cross river and we should beat our chest for that.

He also stated precisely, some of the achievements of the governor, he mentioned that the governor have been able to revive Obudu cattle ranch and for that, many across the country can spend the weekend there and even get a chance to see an overview of what’s happening in cross river.

While mentioning the Ogoja Rice Mill, he commended the Rice made there, he went on to mention others like the garment factory, indomie factory and even toothpick factory.

In his view, he said that the industrialisation project is the governor’s way out of poverty and even a medium for job creation for crossriverians.

Moving further, while speaking on his keen support for the Governor despite the ongoing political division in cross river, he said that at every point in time, we will have a leader.

He said “inspite of how perfect or how imperfect anybody can be, even my colleagues in the national assembly that are fighting the governor, if they are given the opportunity, they will do worst” He stated vividly that he is supporting the governor Ben Ayade “without any reservations” and he said “he cannot be a perfect person because he is not Jesus”

Rt. Honourable Mike Etaba went on to say that he support the governor because he understands the fact that he isn’t perfect.

He admonished everyone to address the governor in private when he is wrong.

Also on that, in comparison to Ayade’s leadership while using the scripture, he said “you call me Lord! Lord! but, where is my honour” he went further to say that they should support and also correct the government in private and if they can’t do that, they don’t love him.

On that note, he concluded that at every point in time, there will be a leader so everyone should try and show their support because the Governor is trying his best to take everyone to the next level.

Subsequently, Rt.Hon Mike Etaba spoke on how he has affected his people in his capacity as a house member.

He said it is quite difficult due to the fact that he represents two local government and as a result of that, there is an enormous number of people but, in terms of projects and welfare, he is doing the best of his knowledge and ability.

Even at that, he is trying even more and will continue to do so until the Lord Almighty will bring his leadership tenure to a close.

Furthermore, he shared the future anticipation for crossriverians for Governor Ayade’s industrialisation and the hope of crossriverians after his administration.

He stated, for the continuity of the project, it depends on the next leader and he prays the leader is a person that will continue the drive.

He also revealed that one of his reasons for supporting Governor Ayade is exactly for that, to bring a leader that will continue the project.

He admonished all, that even as a country we should learn to bring a leader that will continue the previous leader’s project.


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