My name is Stella Chanda Kunda
Growing up I have Always been a girl who loves looking out to people making a way where there is no way. I want to aspire to be or to become something that is seen as better than what or where I am currently,my aspiration is to have strong hope, dream and a ambition in life is to work in the industry,I am motivated to perform well if given a chance to,I want to build a brand and advance in the fashion industry, intelligence without ambition is like a bird without wigs ,my ambition remains the same to be creative,to be modern,to stay one step ahead,to enjoy life.

I am very proud of the fact that I have been able to pick myself up when things have gone wrong,my greatest achievement ia following the path of modeling,I have to explore the art of the industry to learn my experiences from my creativity to my failures.i am very fortunate in being able to combine all the things I love the most,my school pernsuing in nutrition also fashion and fabric design and the journey as a model.

.what i want to continue achieving is inspiring people out there and being a role model to the young ones .

my aim is to be an advocate to the people in the streets not every person who is on the street is there because of poverty others it’s luck of support from home.


  1. Looking ravishing …May the Lords blessings and flavor be upon you hun @teamstella best of luck 😍😘😘😍😍


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