Jean Mensa the Electoral Commission of Ghana Chairperson, this morning explained why the commission could not announce the 2020 election results within 24 hours. She made this explanation from the headquarters in Accra.

Mensa who is also the returning officer for the 7 December election said the commission Recieved 14 out of the 16 regions.

It is confirmed that, the commission has certified and declared seven of the 14 provisional results so far Recieved from the region.
One of the reason is because since Tuesday to Wednesday 9 December, 2020 nothing have really happened in the Electoral Commission concerning the result declaration.

Bishop Duncan Williams who is a respected cleric in Ghana held a closed door meeting with the Electoral head, Jean Mensa.

Mensa after the meeting Appologized for the delay in the Ghana presidential results declaration.

She reaffirm that so far 14 out of the 16 Regional results are ready but they still awaits the remaining to declare the winner.



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