Manchester united boss ole Gunnar solskjaer has been told by Arsenal legend Paul Merson that “David de Gea shouldn’t be playing this season” ahead of the premier league game against manchester city. The former Arsenal player gave his opinion after the goalkeeper struggled in a 3-2 defeat to RB Leipzig.

“David de Gea shouldn’t be playing,” ‘He jumped out of the way for the third goal, if ole has a not about him he’ll say: ‘you’re out, Dean Henderson’s in.’

“People say: ” you can’t play him [Henderson] in such a big game’ there’s nobody in the stadium!

“Play him now when there’s nobody watching, and the when the 75,000 fans return, he has games under his belt. This is the time to play him! What are they waiting for?”

“For me, this is a massive football match,’ ‘I would say that if he doesn’t get through this, that could be it I think it’s make or break for ole

“That is, unless man united have a different plan, and think differently about this club than everyone else.

“Do Man Utd want anyone else? Are they comfortable with this situation? They run the show, there’s no pressure. Do they like that? Do the people who run Man United think they are the biggest club in football? Do they think like me, or do they think: ‘We’re not that team anymore?’

“Would Zinedine Zidane be in a job today if Real Madrid hadn’t made the last 16 of the Champions League? Definitely not. They would have gone off the idea that they are the biggest club in the world, and would have made that decision.

“I’d love to know whether those people running Manchester United are happy where they are. I don’t get that feeling from the board that they believe they’re the biggest team in the world.”



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