Istanbul Basaksehir coach Pierre Webo who was called “the black one.” By the fourth official in a UCL game against PSG has shared his feelings saying he feels “much better” after being briefly “out of control” on the night.

“You can hear in my voice I am much more calm now, ‘the 38 year old former Cameroon added.

” when I watch my face, watching the video, what I did, how I was aggressive…. Woah”.

“Even me I wouldn’t want to be against me, against myself because o was very aggressive.

It is my first time I’ve seen my face like that. Even me I don’t remember the situation to be like that.’

” Where I was, it was very easy to say: ‘Eh, the third guy, get him out.”….it is easy but I was also easy for him to say what he said. Why that word?”

Webo says he felt vulnerable and helpless, bit appreciated the support both team showed him on Tuesday.

“When I went in I didn’t know what was going on in the field.”

“Rafael came in and said:

” we stop the game and don’t play anymore ”

“Thirty seconds after, all the team came. They ask, ” How are you?”

I didn’t know, I was really nervous, I didn’t know what to say at that time”

“Neymar and marquinhos and (PSG sporting director) Leonardo.  They called me, the were in the corridor and said: ” we apologise for what happened but you have our support “.

” They said: Don’t worry we are with you, we are not going to play. We are not accepting these kind of words in football”.

“I didn’t realise until I go out of the dressing room but the corridor was unbelievable. Neymar, [Kylian] Mbappe, [Abdou] Diallo, all the players were there.”

On Wednesday night, both sets of players put on a show of solidarity by wearing ‘No To Racism’ T-shirts pre-game and taking a knee prior to kick-off in Paris. A banner in support of Webo was also displayed in the stadium.

“I want to say thank you to all the PSG players, the club, all the people that was there, for their solidarity with us,” said Webo.

“I am very proud of them and want to thank for them for all the things they did in that moment because I was out of control for that five, 10 seconds.”

‘It was very, very important because it was a Champions League game.

‘With all the things that they have around, to do this, for this kind of reaction, to the two clubs: thank you. Bravo.”



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