PDP Boki Chapter Executive council members under the leadership of Hon. Fabian Okwejie, MNIM, ward Coordinators, Councilors, and other members of the People’s Democratic Party Youths vanguard graced the well attended event held today 20 Dec, 2020 in Calabar.

In his Remark, the chapter chairman of PDP Boki LGA  Hon. Fabian Okwajie who enjoys immense support from the youths and Women emphasized that “Africa and indeed Nigeria has been betting on its youths to propel the continent/country to prosperity. But for that to happen, the Youths need to be in the rooms where decisions are made.”

In his speech one of the councillor Hon. George Ajangson, made me remembered an except from this book
*”The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity”*

Law Number 2.
*”The probability that a certain person be stupid is independent of any other characteristics of that Person”.

He indirectly made the Youths in attendance to understand the value of their Generation.

Meanwhile among those who succinctly spoke were Hon. Abang Asu
Hon. Emmanuel Obi
Hon. Daniel Bisong
Hon. Elijah Akpofor
Mr. Mike Tah

Mr. Jerry Roland Abang among others. They spoke and urged the Chapter chairman and other youths to remain resolute and maintain the charisma that has kept him there. “The Youths and indeed this Generation is with him”.

Among other things, one of the speakers, said “Anytime they (older generation) tell you that you are too exposed to lead, remind them that you were never too young when you defended the polling unit, why now? remind them that your decision to contest or seek for a particular office is based on the quality of the work you are willing to do, unique talent and years of experience in perfecting your skills as a “good follower” and that you are not there based on anyone’s thoughts or the usual hand-picking process.

Adding, Amb. Jerry Etta, the National Coordinator of NYP toll in the same line with the other speakers said

“Being in a meeting of this magnitude, the crop of youthful, dynamic and progressive Boki sons and daughters from all parts of the country have pledged to work assiduously in order to ensure a viable and sustainable future for the good people of Boki PDP.”

He went ahead to say they are not just supporting this charismatic young man but anyone who have had a word or two with Hon. Fabian Okwajie will agree with me that Fabian looks composed, confident, coherent, presentable, charismatic, cosmopolitan, energetic, business-like and ready for the job..


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