Every single man yearns to find the right partner. However, the process of finding one is not a smooth contour as it is characterised by stumbling blocks, meanders, uncertainties, dilemmas, rejections, disappointments, trials, just to mention a few. Some men give up on love in the process and turn bachelorhood into an institution while others run the race of faith until they find the right partner.

As you are searching for the right partner, you will come across different types of women. In this post I have endeavoured to share some of them because of their striking characteristics .

1. The slowees: These are the women who are too slow to fall in love because they need some time to scrutinise you first. As such, they consult a number of people before they give you any response. As they are doing this, they will come across as uninterested and placid, an attitude that can be very frustrating to you if you truely love them and cause you to leave them.

When you give up on them,they try in very subtle ways to win you back. If you are not sharp in mind you may not realise what they are doing

The other reason why the slowees take time to love is because of the disappointment they went through with their previous partner(s), though they will always deny it’s impact on them because of their inflated sense of selfworth.Thus, they have developed a tendency to test the waters first before plunging themselves into it.

They are generally intelligent, hard working, strong willed, and principled. However, they can be very secretive and self indulgent,especially when you are just getting to know them.But when you know them there is nothing complicated about them as they are very self expressive and easy to understand .

2. The sleepees: These are the ladies who merely sexualize you and would like to sleep with you. They come across as loving and caring ,but their agenda is sex. They are so seductive that if you are not strong enough as a man you can easily fall prey to their devises regardless of how spiritual and prayerful you may be. Great men have fallen. Thus, you need wisdom to overcome their tricks.

3.The Explorees : These are the women who are still exploring the dating world. They feel they are still too young to commit and they will find you a bit boring if you talk about marrying them. To them, marriage is the last resort after playing around.They may love you ,but you will scare them off if you begin talking about marrying them. They need adventure.

4. The boldees : These are the women who will take the courage to tell you how they feel about you if you are not taking any steps to propose love to them. They should not be mistaken for easy goers,however, as most of them are very attractive and can attract almost any man at any time. It is just that their heart beats for you. Moreover, such ladies often don’t care about your money or possessions. All they need is your love. They seem to have a strong foresight too-that is to say, they are able to see a bright future in you in spite of your present situation. Thus, they will be very loyal to you, sacrifice their time to be with you, care for you and submit to you, provided you love them back. These things can make you start thinking of giving them a chance.

One problem about them, though, is that they are not patient , they make abrupt decisions and can be quite temperamental.

5. Softees. These ladies are very soft in nature. They are loving, caring, emotional, intelligent, and focused. They will fall for you the first day they meet you and they will show you great respect .They are somewhat similar to the slowees in some ways in the sense that they are principled, they are not after your money or possessions, but love.

The problem with this type of ladies is that the moment you begin showing them interest they start playing too hard to get. Perhaps it is because they don’t want to appear as though they are the ones who proposed love to you first. This can freak you out and cause you to leave them in the process,but they will try to win you back,though.

6. The appreciatees: These are the ladies who love you genuinely , but they won’t have the courage like the boldees to tell you . They will merely express their love through their actions .They are well mannered, descent and intelligent.

One problem with this type of ladies is that they can be overly possessive ,and just like the boldees they have a tendency of making abrupt decisions and can be temperamental and pathologically jealous.

7. The friendees: These are women who are so kind to you that you confuse their kindness with affection. You only find out that they consider you a friend when you make a bold attempt to propose love to them. They are ,however, very sensitive to your feelings and will turn down your proposal in a very diplomatic and sensitive way. Because of this, you may be more likely to maintain friendship with them even after being rejected.

8. The selfishness : These are ladies who will not be interested in you, but they won’t tell you as they love the attention you give them. Usually they have another guy in their mind and they just want to use you as a spare tyre.

When you try to give up they will do all they can to win you back.

Clearly, none of these ladies is perfect. Each one of them has a problem or weakness that you won’t like and each one of them has something interesting or valuable.Therefore, What is more important is choosing the one that appeals to you and making her into what you want. This will take wisdom and knowledge on your part.

I would like to conclude by mentioning that the characteristics that these ladies exhibit are partly,if not largely, shaped by their experiences in the dating world.Thus, their approaches to dating change depending on their experiences.

Apart from being a mental health practitioner, Mr Farai Mbundire is also a researcher, writer and a mental health lecturer.


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