Some men seem clever and tough but they are controlled by their women.They slavishly adhere to everything that their women say in the name of love. This makes their family members and friends to think that they are charmed because ideally a man is expected to be in control of a woman.

Indeed,there are some women who use charms to manipulate their men. However, there are many other reasons why some men are controlled by their women. Some of these include the following :

1. Passiveness. Some men are passive. They don’t know how to express themselves in situations where they are not happy with their partner’s behaviour or attitude. They are often afraid of hurting their partner. As such, they keep things to themselves.

Little do they realise that keeping things to themselves results in resentment over time which culminates into feelings of hate and aggression.

2. Lack of knowledge. Some men are manipulated because they lack knowledge on a number of life issues. They may be intelligent but limited in general knowledge.

It is therefore about time men realised that intelligence is not enough when it comes to dealing with women. There is need for additional knowledge about life,relationships and female psychology. Men who have general knowledge tend to find it easier to lead their women.

3. Sexual dysfunction– some men are manipulated by their women because they have sexual dysfunction. So to avoid being embarrassed by their women , they decide to be passive and slavishly obedient.

There are many causes of sexual dysfunctions in men , but that’s not my point of interest today. However, the good news is that all of them are treatable. What such men need to do is to consult a medical practitioner or to open up to someone who could have a solution to their problem. Why suffer when solutions are readily available?

4. The other reason why some men are manipulated is because they dated or married their partner because of her beauty. So they follow everything she says so as to please her and to prevent her from dating other men.Some women take advantage of this and manipulate their men at will. That’s why in my previous post I advised men to never date or marry because of beauty lest they become slaves of love.

# God’s grace is sufficient

Apart from being a mental health practitioner Mr Farai Mbundire is also a researcher writer and a mental health lecturer.


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