SpiderWeb WORLDWIDE and GLITZTV MAGAZINE presents electric entertainment with James Mwila(MR ZAMBIA),Kevin Kruz(Zambia), Mick Molick(Botswana), RitaWiz(Botswana), Perrt Joe(Liberia) and Black Shordy(London).

01 February 2021; the entries open the 1st (SpiderWeb showdown) R1, 500 up for grabs.
Send us a WhatsApp text to +27677448669.

14 February 2021 our FREE online magazine will be available on our website www.spiderwebworldwide.net

18 February 2021 James Mwila Article

22 February 2021 Chavantè Oktober (Shooting Star) article.

1 March 2021 SpiderWeb Showdown start until 31st March 2021.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your contribution and support. We bless you all. Thank you. (Founder and CEO) Roscoe Ivan Pekeur.



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