James Mwila, Mr Zambia, Man of the World, www.spiderwebworldwide.net Face & Body and nominee for Best African model https://www.zikomoawards.com/Zambia is concerned about the Covid-19 pendemic and the effects it have on all the people on continent. He is aware that this effect everyone and wants to use the influence he has to fight Covid-19 as far as possible.

Due to Covid-19 pendemic, Mwila is uncertain about his run in the Man of the world finals in the Philippines. No date has been set yet for the competition later this year. This dont stop Mwila and team on trying to find him a new sponsorship and working hard with the their current partners www.glitztv.net

Mwila and team had to cancel and remodel his entire program due to social distancing and public gatherings. “We have decided to go all in online” Mr Roscoe Ivan Pekeur (Founder & CEO, SpiderWeb WORLDWIDE) implemented this statement of Mr Mwila by creating a online talent pageant 01-31 Mar 2021 of which Mr Mwila will be the celebrity host.

Due to a lack of funds in 2020 Mwila could not afford to contest in the competition. He then reached out to www.spiderwebworldwide.net to be his official promoter and help him to get funds to go compete in finals. To support Mwlia click on link to VOTE. https://www.zikomoawards.com/Zambia



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