Tell us more about yourself 

Am Michael Jennifer,I hail from IMO state Nigeria,I was born in port harcourt am 21 yrs old,am a student of the university of port harcourt, i love meeting new people,traveling,swimming and acting am 5.9ft tall am light skinned and slim…….

I’m talented in acting and talking to people. It started in primary school when i participated in lots of social things…

When did you realize you had a talent?

I realized i had talent while i was still a kid

How do you inspire the youth?

I tend to leave a life worthy of emulation,i advice people on how to go about things and let them choose their decisions wisely

Are you involved in any community projects?

No for now..

What is your future plans, goals, releases, projects ect what people need to know about you?

God so kind on my side i should be able to a renowned actress and model,i should be able to help talk people off suicidal thoughts

Tell us something we dont know about yourself?

I value love

Name your biggest carreer highlight

Being able to meet with some nollywood directors and producers

Say something inspiring in your own words.

You owe yourself your own happiness and the best life…… One man for his pot

What would you like to change in your country?

making way for the youths

If you can change 1 persons life, how would you do it?

Depends on the problem he/she is facing

Which is your country of birth? 



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