Patience Nsofwa is one who likes to make friends ,interact with people and discovering new things.

First international contest.

She ventured into modeling at age 17, her first international competition was FACE OF GLITZ AFRICA. She has passion for modeling and fashion designing.

Patience let’s here from you..

sowing is my all started when I saw something at the market made of cotton I liked that thing alot so i thought of trying how to make it and it turned out good.
I was 14 years old when I made the nice clothing made of cotton.

I admire the way I do things, not giving up on something you like/love .
I am currently not on any project but am on it.
My future plans is becoming a business woman like running my own business.
Dancing is my hubby i can dance 😉

In future i want to be  a mid wife doctor.
My advice to fans and we’ll wishers is, forget about how many times you can fall it’s time to get up that matters the most.

One of the projects I will love to take on is sensitizing  the youths about early marriages.
I love giving advice to that persons and telling them life is not bed of roses.

I am a Zambian.



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