On  the 23rd of March at about 2:59pm Nigeria time .

Magistrates of the judiciary in cross river state took to the street to protest for the non payment of their 26month owed allowances.

The magistrates were seen in numbers at the gate of the governor’s office.
Some with their children chanting pay us our salaries,we are dieing of hunger ,no money to pay our bills.

The chairman of the NBA Calabar was sited addressing the magistrate.
When interviewd he intimated glitztv crew that the magistrate are the once who have resumed their protest.

He said it would be recalled that they came out to announce to the world that their salaries are being owed for 26months, off course they received promises from the government that the issues will be resolved.

He said it’s because those issues have not been resolved to their knowledge that is why they have come back again to protest.
He said as a BAR,they have met with the magistrate to know what the problem is and how it can be resolved.
He further stressed that a committee was set up which is headed by the deputy governor Prof Ivara Esu to look into the matter, however  a meeting was to be held on the 19th of March of which could not hold.
The NBA boss said the deputy governor got back to the NBA to say the report was not ready.

Dr Ebiala confirmed that is the reason the magistrate have come back to the street to protest.
The NBA Chairman said he had an audience with the governor Sen .Ben Ayade today the 23rd of March.
A directive have been given by the governor for the magistrate to resume work from the 1st of April so that the protester can suspend their protest.

When asked if the government will keep to it’s promise ,he said you do not ask questions that touch the opinion of others, i believes the government and there should not be any reason to disbelieve the government.
He said his Excellency Prof Ben Ayade should be given the benefit of doubt.


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