In Calabar the cross river state capital,

Glitztv granted the vice – chairman of the Nigeria labour Congress , cross river state chapter comrade Lawrence Achuta an exclusive interview .

Comrade Lawrence Achuta frowned at the recent kidnapp of the the state chairman comrade Ben Ukpabi. He accepted the fact that the chairman was kidnapped at his home on Sunday 21st of March.

This makes it the second time in about fifteen months the Chairman have been kidnapped, the first instance he recalled in December 2019.

He said as at the time of this interview the chairman is still in captivity and they are still waiting for the kidnappers to make contact .

Since Sunday that the chairman was abducted,no contact have been made,they are still waiting for the abductors to make contact.

when asked what the union have done to avert the situation since this is the second kidnap, the vice Chairman said the NLC have met with other labour centers yesterday being the 22nd of March .

They was an organized labour meeting comprising the NLC ,TUC,JNC, a communique was released giving the government 24hr to secure his release .

When further asked if the security agencies have been contacted,he intimated that all security agencies have been contacted.
On the response from the security agencies, he said the security agencies have told them they are doing their best to secure his release as it’s their normal story.
He said he hoped they are doing their best to secure his release.

When asked why the chairman is not  granted the necessary security ,he said labour leaders do not have security,their security lies in the hands of God and their fellowership .
Talking about security,the country as a whole is so in secured. He further plead with the government to leave upto it’s expectation and give the citizen the necessary security.
Stay tuned for more update.


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