Christin Matobasa is from Zambia, she just always had this passion for modeling ever since she was little but she was always drawn back cause people would tell me I couldn’t do it but I never gave up.

In 2020 I decided to take part in the Miss Adolescent pageant and by God’s grace I made it and was crowned Miss Adolescent 2020.

At this moment I was certain that I could do what people thought I couldn’t and so I decided to take part in the Face of Glitz and I also joined the Glitz Modeling Agency.

I realized I had a talent when I was 16 that’s when I first took part in a pageant in my home town.
One of the things i love doing most is  inspiring youths by taking part in alot of activities and also by talking to them concerning life matters and also by being a role model and I ensure that no one feels left out cause each one of us has different back grounds but never the less I strongly believe that we are all the same in the image of the lord.
I am involved in the youth friendly corner where we discuss matters about GBV, HIV and Aids, teanage pregnancies and many more.
I aim at reaching and achieving all the goals I’ve set for myself and to one day have my own ophanage.

My hubby is dancing 😊
I also aim at becoming a physio therapist and an international model. I want to also visit places and live to tell a story.

Never give up cause there is no such thing as an ending it’s just a new beginning.

I am involved in teaching the youths to be independent cause there is more to them than they know or rather how others see them.

I believe that Someone can’t change a person but someone can be a person’s reason to change it all depends on how you treat people.

My goal is to promote youth empowerment and interprenuership in order to reduce the number of street venders in my home town and everywhere else cause together we rise but divided we fall.


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