A forest is a large area of land dominated by trees, which plays a vital role to man and his environment, therefore forest should not be underestimated.

Cross river state in southern Nigeria is known for its unique nature of tropical rain forest which include ; Cross river national park (Oban hill division), (Okwangwo Division), Afi river forest reserve, Cross river forest reserve, Mbe mountain, Okwa falls. Etc.

Furthermore, there is much reason to fight against deforestation because it has caused us more harm than good, not knowing that without the forest you can’t breathe.

Forest helps us to breathe, it pumps out oxygen we need to live and absorb the carbon dioxide we emit.

The forest trees provide purified air, the forest helps us cool when there is excess sunlight and we can easily go to a shaded tree that shades us.
This same trees in the forest feeds us e.g. fruits and nuts etc. Forest gives us many natural medication that heals us.

Cutting down of trees causes different natural disaster e.g. flooding, windbreak thunder storm and soil erosion which won’t be convenient in our environment.

It can bring in loss of forest bio-diversity whereby our wildlife that is been protected and conserved will go on extinction where we can’t find them anymore.
Thus ,cross river state has good species of economic trees that is used for diverse aspect (timber), the kind of timber  found in cross river state are Ebony tree, iroko tree, mahogany, tectona grandis (teak) and neem Doghoyaro.etc.

In cross river state in recent times, people deplete the forest trees, through illegal poaching in order to achieve their own selfish interest whereby they tend to fell trees for business pursuit.
On my current visit to some part of cross river state like Boki, Akampa ,Obanliku, i saw that so much deforestation (illegal cutting down of trees ) have been taking  place whereby they are unable to conserve ,preserve and protect this resources.

Indigene of this zones complained bitterly on the current illegal felling of trees. This zones have one of the forested zones in west Africa example cross river national park(Oban Division,Okwangwo division) where we have good economic trees like nauclea diderich ,iroko tree, azadarhcata indicia, neem ,mahogany, Madrid, ebony tree.etc.
Secondly the Obudu cattle ranch, this zone is a forested zone situated in the hills of Obanliku local government in cross river state where its known for its beautifying trees which brings out a sense of touch (texture) to the environment that make the zone colourful and conducive for man and his immediate environment to benefit from. e.g. royal palm, masquerade tree, flame of the forest, queen of the night. Most of the trees found in the ranch have nice fragrance bringing out quality air which we breathe from.

Thirdly Drill ranch, this is situated in Boki local government, this place is known for its conservation of forest and wildlife in order to maintain sustainable biodiversity. Most trees found in the ranch are virgin that have not been tempered with .

The ranch is a Riparian forested zone known for rich economical trees with much nutrient. Due to bad governance in recent times, our forest is diminishing through illegal felling down of trees which is currently ongoing in cross river state.

The people of this zones have complain that the authorities that are supposed to curb this menace, most of them have perpetuated on using these medium for personal business pursuit, not minding what will happen to our present and next generation .

The good people of cross river state are therefore calling on the government and all relevant agencies to take precautionary measures on this pressing issue and save our biodiversity from depleting.
The forestry commission, anti deforestation agency, and other relevant agencies in cross river state are therefore put on notice and should sweep into action to save our forest from diminishing.


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