Most Christians, particularly singles, rarely, if ever, talk about sex because they consider it a taboo, dirty or unholy. While this tendency helps them to avoid the negative consequences of premarital sex, such as unplanned pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases and the like,it makes some of them unaware of their sexual feelings, thereby making them more likely to succumb sexual temptation.

I know one may argue that when they avoid talking about sex or pretend as though they don’t have sexual feelings they may never be tempted into sex. But one thing you should know is that luck of awareness of one’s sexual feelings prevents them from knowing how they can avoid a sexual temptation; they may know it theoretically and not practically. That is why you find that there has been an increase in sexual liaisons among some Christian, including pastors and those involved in counselling and deliverance, not because they are promiscuous or pretenders, but probably because they were not aware of the extent to which their sexual feelings could overwhelm them during a temptation. Some of them must have thought that their holiness or tongue speaking alone would protect them but they nonetheless fell.

A person who is aware of their sexual feelings on the other hand will avoid sexual temptation because they know that they are human with feelings and that they can fall any time should they not be cautious.

In short, I would like to encourage Christians to be aware of their sexual feelings as lack of awareness makes some of them to fall into sexual temptation. Holiness can not prevent them from sexual temptation, but awareness can. That’s why a wise clergy man once said that “it is the spirit that gets born again and not the flesh”, something which could explain why even some influential men of God have been caught up into sexual temptations.

Apart from being a mental health Practitioner, Mr Farai Mbundire is also a Researcher, Writer and a mental health Lecturer.


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