Mr. Bigi Joseph A Media Personality and A Great PATRIOT has commended Senator, Professor, Sir. Ben Ayade The Executive Governor Cross River State for his Quick Security intervention units installed in the state known as Operation Akpakwu,

Mr Bigi Joseph also Commended the Operation Generals and other Security Agencies in the State for a job well done in Restoring the Peace of the State.

He further Commended His Governor for keeping His Words as a Promise Keeping Governor, on this note Mr. Bigi Joseph Sent a pleading Request to the Governor pleading for the Review of The EndSars Curfew imposed on the State Dated 23rd October 2020 which was imposed to curb the violence caused by Hoodlums that Hijacked the peaceful protest of the ‘End Sars and converted it to looting and destroying Valid properties in the State.

It was on this Note, that the Curfew was imposed to eneble the Restoration of Peace in the State Capital.

He further explain that Calabar Residents are Crying in Heart but Laughing at Face that the Curfew does not only affect Businesses in the State but Nigeria and other International Nations Willing to Visit or Invest in the State.

Due to this Mr Bigi is Crying and Pleading to the Executive Governor to please Review the Curfew Dated 23rd October 2020 He Should Reflect that Jesus Christ Paid the Highest Premium For Our Lifes and Security to be Assured. He further Stated that the Curfew has influence the individuals daily income in one way or the other He Stated Clearly that Cross River State is Noted for Tourism, Hospitality and Lifestyles which the Embodiment is Freedom of Movement.

He Stated that, There are People who Survives on Peti businesses operating around Calabar metropolice from 6pm to down, to generate income to eneble them take care of  the affairs of thier Families these people are Crying out and are in Pains because of the Continues Curfew in the State Capital.

The Economy of the State, Federal and International Nations are also been affected, Mr. Joseph further pleaded that the Governor should show Mercy to the State so that Residents can go about thier individual Businesses so to boost the State Economy as the State Capital is known for Her night life.

My Governor..My Pride..
Hear The Silent Cry Of Your People

#EndCurfew*in Cross River State*Capital#


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