We can remember after we published an article on our forest drifting towards extinction,the article which was published on glitztv magazine on the 7th of April 2021.

The article which spark arguments, contributions, recommendation from well noted Nigerians especially crossiverians. The article which focused on the illicit destruction and cutting down of our preserved forest in cross River State, dangers of cutting down trees, complains and solutions.

After a short while,a ban was announced in Boki local government area of cross River State on illegal exploitation .
Boki local government is one of the forested zones in Africa and indeed the world.
The ban is indeed a welcomed development,and I specifically applaud the bold step taken by the Boki local government chairman.as he is known for making bold steps.
But one will begin to wonder could this be real ,will this ban stand or it’s just a mere statement as usual.

After a thorough research about the government of the day, how it came to be, how itoperate.

I came to the conclusion this ban might not work. It was another bold step taken that others will habour on for more exploitation.
This are some of the many reasons why people believe this ban won’t hold water.
The livelihood of most of this indigene , especially the youth depends on this exploitation.
What have the government done to divert the attention of this over growing population of youths who solely depend on timber exploitation for their survival.

What measures have been in place for the afforestation of the already deforested forest zones.

What will happen to the political actors, the political big heads, political jagabans who have worked so hard to bring in this present government just to be settled in juicy timber houlage office.

Most of this political actors depends on this timber exploitation as a business for their survival and the survival of their followers or their so called boys.

What enlightenment programs have been put in place for the enlightenment of the people of Boki on the need to stop the illegal cutting down of trees and practice afforestation.
Will the chairman be able to stick to his words ,will he not be political on who,how timber is been exploited in Boki local government area.
Will he be able to stand firm and stop this persons who have worked hard to bring him into government and they deepen solely on this timber exploitation for their survival.
These persons he will be appointing to generally enforce this move, are they men of integrity? Are they going to be trust worthy? or they will be there for their own personal gains of making their own way. Are they going to feel like it’s just another way for them to make their own Fortune for the shortest time.

Until this point are put into consideration,I will concur to that fact that the stoppage on illegal cutting down of trees was just a mere statement and can’t hold water…


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