Hi how are you, I am Shantel from Glitztv

Ohh OK.

Tell us about yourself
Well I’m 25 years old. I live in zambia. I’m a physician assistant by profession. I’ve been passionate about modeling but I only started last year after completing my studies.

That’s great, tell us more on your modeling journey so far
Well it has  it’s ups and downs but I always push to do better

What experience have you got thus far in the modeling industry?
I’ve just been able to book one show so far . Other than that I always train with my agency on my cat walk

Have you participated in any pageant?
Yes miss tourism worldwide zambia 2020 and I came out as second runner up.
hat was my first attempt at pageantry ever

Great, What inspired you to venture into modeling?
I love fashion and it would give me an opportunity to gain confidence

Have you involve in an community service?
I volunteer at the local animal shelter

What do you do there?
Rescue abandoned dogs and cats

OK, How do you combine your medical practice with modeling? 
Well it has helped me with bringing awareness to certain medical issues and just grasping concepts on how to balance my body and walk without having to strain myself as I understand the anatomy of the body

How did you hear about the African Fashion festival?
On Facebook.
Nice what will you do differently if given the opportunity? 
I’ll bring an inclusive environment that focuses on building self awareness and that u can be fierce and intelligent.

How does it feel appearing on the front page of GLITZTV Magazine?
It feels good . Like a dream come true that my dreams are becoming a reality
Thank you for the time
You are most welcome


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