The Vice Chancellor of the University of Calabar, Prof. Florence B. Obi has suspended indefinitely, the Students’ Union Government Deputy Senate President, Queen Manuywhor for allegedly molesting a fellow students, Tina of Education Political Science.

She has been asked to stop attending lectures, taking part in any test or examination as it concerns her academics while staying far away from the university’s hostel, Hall 6 to be precised!

It could be recalled that the said Deputy Senate president of the students union government University of Calabar, Manuywhor Queen by name was reported to have bullied a fellow student by asking her to kneel down and ordering the man o’ war to slap her continuously

She is a native of Rivers State and a 200 level student of the department of accounting, faculty of management science, University of Calabar,

According to complains from different students Queen is proud and full of herself because she is having an affair with the SUG president, queen who is a 200 level student asked a final year student from the faculty of education who was involved in a little fight with her roommate to kneel down for over an hour  and she commanded the man o’ war to slap her.

Many eyebrows have been raised concerning the issue, When Queen was questioned about it she stated that the girl disrespected her and she was punished for it.


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