For decades Youths across the country have been clamouring for inclusion in governance.

The Nigerian Youths have felt and believed that they have been left behind, the snubbing older generation have eaten so much into the present generation.
Thesame older generation who took In office as young leaders at younger ages have refused to give way and opportunities for the younger generation.
It is in Nigeria that a president of the country is over 90 years and a governor is over 60 years of age .

This same persons will be there, before leaving the office they pave way for their choice of person, leaving no vacancy and opportunities for the teaming youths.
Having being  In the state and watching the level of governance since 1999 in Cross River State.

Mr Donald Duke took office as the first civilian governor of cross River State in the New democratic dispensation.
Mr Donald Duke did very well in governance.
He brought in younger person from all parts of the state .

Thereafter Mr liyel Imoke took over office after Donald Duke .
Mr imoke did very well too in the inclusion of youth into governance. The inclusiveness of Youths is a continuation of his predecessor achievement. Most of the vibrant Youths who have worked closely with Mr Donald Duke.

Many of the youths across Cross River State who will be opportuned to read through this article and have been following the politics of cross River State will agree with me that Mr Ben Ayade have done marvellously well In youth inclusion in governance.

I am not an appointee of the governor nor am I clamouring for one, I am just a man who love saying things the way they are with my pen.
I have been opportune to walk into the peregrino hall, governor’s office calabar. severally as a youth and have noticed the much influx of Youths into the governor office.
Infact youth have taken over the government house Calabar.
To be most sincere,I have seen so many life’s turned around,so many youths who never thought of having it so soon or placed in governance have suddenly sprank up to something reasonable.
Many life’s have been changed and turned around so soon.
As a person,I subscribe to Ayade idealogy of bringing  in many to fill a position just a person was to occupy, some call it food on the table but I say this food on the table have transformed so many lives and is still transforming lives.
This food on the table if managed wisely ,can actually change lives forever .
Who ever gets this food on the table and ends up begging is at his or her own risk .

The pay that was usually meant for one person have been divided for three, some say it’s not a good strategy, but I say it’s a good one. There was a time when just a person was recognized from a particular political ward or community, but since Ayade came into power, over four can now be recognized from that community.

Many youths have been given the opportunity of handling strategic offices and position, portfolio have been increased and so much more.
Ben Ayade have created so many offices just to make sure it gets to the grassroot.

From survey those who criticize Ben Ayade are those who have not benefitted from his good gesture and those who benefitted from his first tenure in office and we’re not captured in the second tenure.
What baffles me most is that, much criticizism is coming more from those who benefitted in his first tenure and could not think of tommorow and those who thought the pay could have been more .

Now they are the once complaining even worst.
This should serve as a big lesson to to all youths out there to use what they have wisely.
All youth who have been recognized and given the opportunity to govern should use their office judiciously and try their best to make the youth proud .
They should not be power drunk or allow the the power given to them to cause arrogance , disrespect for the elderly and a disgrace to fellow youths .
Ben Ayade have done his part,youth do your part.
I am Nura Otu consultant,business man and a social activist .


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