Education according  is a discipline that is concerned with methods of teaching and learning in schools or school-like environment as opposed to various non formal and informal means of socialization (e.g rural development project and education through parent child relationship).

In Nigeria,since the introduction of the senior school certificate in 1989, the Nigeria primary and secondary education system consist of 6 years of primary education for children, 3 years of Junior secondary education and 3 years of senior secondary education, this is called a 6-3-3 system.

Education helps people become better citizens, get a better paid job, it identifies the difference between good and bad.
Education shows us the importance of hard work and at the same time, helps us grow and develop.We are able to shape a better society to live, By knowing and respecting rights, laws and regulations.

Education helps In poverty reduction, connecting across borders, sense of accomplishment, more productivity, better communication, critical thinking skills, identification of skills, greater sense of discipline, just to mention a few .
In recent times, the deplorable state of our public schools is at an alarming rate. This ranges from unqualified teacher, poor teaching facilities, negligence of duties ,unseriousness by staff, low monitoring and many more .
In recent times, according to our watch, teachers of public schools are causing more harm than good to our schools.

Most of them said they are underpaid while some are not even qualified enough to handle those jobs. most of this teachers don’t go to work at all, instead they go to their other businesses and receive their wages at the end of the month.

It will also surprise the general public that bribery is currently the order of the day in our public primary and secondary Schools. Bribery which was thought to be only In tertiary institutions is now eating into our primary and secondary Schools .

Teachers now collect money from their students in other to pass them in examination and promote them to the next class.
Some teachers in rural areas will go as far as sending this student on domestic errands to pass them in their examination.
On our watch, student of public schools are been extorted for nothing sake. This extortion ranges from paying illegal test fees, examination fees, buying stuff like tissue, soaps for their teachers. This items are not being consumed by the students but their teachers, thereby putting their poor parents under pressure.

Also on our watch, there is so much truancy in our public schools by the teachers.
Some teachers don’t go to work at all. They have people who stand for them while they go for their other businesses because of lack of monitoring by those who were supposed to monitor them .
Likewise student are not being controlled and monitored by this teachers who were supposed to do so.

students leave to school in the morning and are seen playing around the street because of lack of control and monitoring on them.
Some head teachers have lost grip of their responsibility to monitor and control both the teachers and students, thereby leaving the public education in a deplorable state.

It may also surprise the general public to note that children of this teachers don’t attend this public schools.

This has also resulted in negligence and  poor performance of these fortunate pupils.

On another hand, the teachers are not entirely blamable, they are already among the most underpaid set of workers in Nigeria. For the fact that they have accepted the offer of this jobs, they should put in more effort and help the government in effecting ,changing ,contributing to the development of our nation through their jobs.
They should put in their best in making better Nigerians because this children are the next generation, they are our future leaders.
In this bad educational environment, the absence of qualified teachers, especially in the state funded schools worsen the situation.
But it’s important to understand the fact that even the recruitment process that brings in these teachers are not fair and credible. Ethnicity, religion and party affiliation sometimes dictates who gets hired into what schools rather than competence. This has resulted in the poor performance of these fortunate pupils.

Government on its part should set up teams to monitor and control the public schools.
Government should do more to make sure teachers are being monitored and controlled.
Let help the government in making the Nigeria education system better.


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