Dear Uncle,
Very, Rev Dr Cyril Obi Bayim, I join your sophisticated friends and well-wishers to rejoice with you on yet another milestone and attainment of a new age, as you clocks 77 years today.

For these number of years, your Iegendary contributions to the Body of Christ and humanity are noteworthy and cannot be forgotten in a hurry.

Your kenspeckple contributions to human capacity building, societal development and advancement, upbringing of the young ones by providing them with a creche, nursery, primary and Secondary School,in your home town, Ntamante is a feat that will always not only endear you to your people but draws and keep you closer to your Creator’s heart, Jesus.

As one person that I’ve grown with and to meet, your contributions to our family have always remain huge and overwhelming,even though you’re the eye and father of the house now [ they’re others though who hold same prestige but does nothing for their family (s)].

I can write a thousand pages but words fail me to describe your person and how dearly you really are to me.

As a true definition of priesthood, you have emulated our perfect role model, Jesus Christ in words and deeds. thus serving in the universal mother Church in the world today, the Roman Catholic Church.

May God grant you divine health as you continue to mentor disciples that will be reshaping lives and impacting the world.

You are an inspiration and blessing to us, we celebrate you as you add another year today father.

Happy Birthday Very, Rev Dr Cyril Obi Bayim

Paschal Okie Nyiam


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