In one of my articles, i wrote about vassals in a feudal system, where the Lords remains Lords and vassal remains vassal. Every Vassal(Night) has to be a subordinate to the Lord(King) to coesist.

The Cross River State system over the years has been Akin to the feudal system, where the Lord’s (Governors) determines what happens to the vassals(every state structure), the vassal in return place allegence.

This kind of system has continue to be in existence since 1999 when a new democracy ensued.

The then democratic elected governor Mr Donald Duke ruled the state as a Lord, he made sure he put every vassal on check, every political and socio-political decisions where made by him and no vassals dares to interfere or object. Those that tried understood the rod of the Lord.  In one of the occasions where one of his vassal tried to become the Lord, he was resisted and substituted immediately.

Now that is a trait of a Lord, he will never accept to be outshine, no wander he succeeded to have the lavel play ground to lead the state successfully for 8 years.

His name is written in the annals of history as one of the successful Lords in Cross River State system.

Mr Donald Duke had close vassals which one can call his friends, notably among them was Sen.Liyel Imoke whom as a knight, he supported and fought for the emergence of Lord Donald. Without benefit of doubt he was a noble and loyal vassal. Senator Gershom Bassey was also in that cedar. No wander they are often referred to as the three wise men of Cross River State.

The set time came for the Lord to transit power to a more worthy vassal, one can notably and confidently say its Sen. Liyel Imoke. As one will expect Imoke met with a tough resistance, this time he was not favoured by the Lord himself (Mr Donald Duke).

Knight Imoke as a gallant vassal, used all arsenal available to him to stage and wage a war. However power must change hands, this saw him emerging as the new Lord of the state in 2007.

The new Lord Imoke became so famous, influencial and acceptable to the vassal and the people alike. As one will expect again the new emperor ruled over the state positioning his vassals in all crannies of the state.

He worked very hard to reduce the influence of the old rular, Lord Donald. The truth of the matter is that Lord Imoke succeeded in his quest and mission to take over the state political structure. The result of the above saw the old Lord moving to a different political party to flex his muscles.

Lord Imoke again as one will expect ruled with his loyal vassals for his period of stay in office and he implemented his policies without any form of opposition.

This analytical story is taking us some where just relax let’s ride.

Again a new leader must emerge, at this point in time, one of the three wise men  was not eligible because of demographic limitations, one could call it zoning. So Sen. Gershom Bassey was not an option, he has to go to the Senate. A new King must emerge, I will not go in depth on how the new Lord surfaced, but he however did.

Sen Prof. Ben Ayade arose to ascend the throne of leadership as the new Lord and King.

This is where my point is going to be loud.

The Professor is laden with the responsibility to build his own empire. He must nurture his vassals for his reign to be successful.

This is a litmus test to ascertain he has grown the ranks to become the king to rule over his structure or remain a vassal within kings.

His Excellency has proven the above beyond reasonable doubt. He has succeeded to build his own structure, he has his own vassals his reign will continue peacefully.

One can easily say Lord Ayade is the reigning King and may his reign be long to bring peace and unity and development to the state.



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