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How Your EX Can Destroy Your Relationship

Having gone through a series of toxic relationships , you may be the happiest person to find someone who truly loves you for who...

Patience Nsofwa, The upcoming Model With Much Popularity

Patience Nsofwa is an upcoming model growing at a pace that cannot be overemphasized. Her first outing was THE FACE OF GLITZ AFRICA, online version...

[STILL ON NIGERIA AT 61] Is There A Messiah Coming

A letter from the Chief Priest of Wanbuneh support organization and leader of the NYWPF (GREAT PATRIOTS). Dear Great Patriots and My own Wanbuneh, I...

Filmmaker Hicks Yamba talks about his career

Zambian filmmaker Hicks yamba in an interview with Glitztv shades more light on his career and way to the top

Zenzo speaks on his ambitions and his music career

Good morning Mr zenzo Good morning thanks Thanks for joining us today on Glitztv am your host mapalo mwila Thank you for having me . I feel...

Dipsy Zam, Speaks On His Career And Way To The Top

Dipsy Zam the Zambia prolific musician and song writer in an interview with Glitztv magazine, speaks on his early start in music, his role...