Patience Nsofwa is an upcoming model growing at a pace that cannot be overemphasized.

Her first outing was THE FACE OF GLITZ AFRICA, online version where she did well and come out among top 10.

Her Zeal for modeling, made her enrolled with the Glitz Modeling Agency (Glitzmodels).

Due to her commitment and hardwork in all the activities of the agency she was nominatled to participate in the just concluded African Fashion Festival, held in Lusaka Zambia. She excelled excellently well with other models.

Patience takes every challenge given to her seriously. Of recent, she just emerged the Glitzmodel of the month of October.

A challenge that is Proudly Sponsored By SUNRISE CREATIONS in conjunction with Glitztv

Her emergence came as a result of patience and hardwork

Winning this competition wasn’t easy because telling people to vote for me wasn’t easy others were jealous of me getting into this competition.

Though i am so happy that I won the competition and am so happy about it. Patience Nsofwa.

Patience Nsofwa, is talented in sewing she loves putting pieces together.

It started when I saw something on social media made out of cotton I liked it alot so I thought I should try making one for my little sister then it came out perfectly.

She is also interested in pursuing a career to become a midwife doctor:

I realized my talent when I was 15 years old

She is an Inspiration to the youths in her modeling career because she believes some girls out there don’t go to school,

I tell a girl child even if you haven’t gone to school at least you can be able to help yourself when you get into modeling, Patience said.

On community project, what she is planning to do is to open an orphanage;

am just hoping that someone out there is willing to help .

My future plans is to open an orphanage I really want to help the vulnerable children out there it’s not an easy thing leaving life without any support so I would like to make a shelter for them that are my future plans.

DancingšŸ’ƒ is her hobby and also reading novels.

Being at the African fashion festival was a special moment to remember .

Her advice is never stop learning because life won’t stop teaching.

She will be teaching a girl child about how to live life as a girl, the advice will be given to them according to how their situation is .

Patience Nsofwa is a Zambian.


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