The Glitzmodel pose challenge is a monthly competition which seeks to unveil the beauty of the African girl child. Every month an online challenge is held on Glitz Modeling Agency page (Facebook) to discover the Glitzmodel of the month. 

Winner of Glitz model pose challenge
Winner of Glitz model pose challenge

This is assessed by how the model is loved by fans and how popular the model is qqqto the public. 

The most popular model is known through the likes she accrue to her post, the reach of her post, shares and likes on the page. 

In this edition an exceptional model emerged. She is no other person than Trenice Shanzi;

At 18 years old she did her first beauty pageant in my her home town. She came out exceptionally well and the dream to become a model was birth.

Inspite of challenges sorrounding her career she keeps pushing to become an international brand some day.

She keeps such hope alive by venturing into challenges and competitions to compete to be in top flight.

Trenice Shanzi participated in the African Fashion Festival held on September 25th in Lusaka Zambia where she represented clothing brands on runway.

Trenice Shanzi @ The African Fashion Festival, Lusaka
Trenice Shanzi @ The African Fashion Festival, Lusaka

The most intriguing part of the young model is, she is consistent in her trade.
This consistency has brought her to limelight as one of the Zambian aspiring model.

Trenice competed twice at the Glitzmodel pose challenge before she emerged Winner of the November challenge.
She is also a photography model, she poses for most brands in Zambia notably SUNRISE CREATIONS a jewelry brand located at the heart of Lusaka.

Trenice IS also a photography model
Trenice IS also a photography model

She inspires youths to work extra hard not to be dependant on parents. Girl to be independent not to rush in early marriage.
She works with organizations that assists persons with disabilities, those that can’t manage to work because of their condition.

Trenice being styled by Sunrise creations
Trenice being styled by Sunrise creations

Her future plans is to own a clothing company where she will be making clothes with her own designs ideas.

Apart from modelling, Trenice sing and dance, the reason she is fundly called Koffi by friends and fans. 

She also dreams of  becoming a medical doctor and a professional model who will be working world wild .
Trenice advice to intending models is

make your imaginations be realistic.

She will love to also engage herself in teaching about entrepreneurship.
One of her best quote is

Educate them to educate others in future.

Trenice is a Zambian


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