It is often said that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, meaning that men love delicious food like no man’s business.

That’s why women in most cultures are taught how to prepare different types of appetizing dishes for their man.

Often times, such meals are prepared with LOVE, especially at the begining of a marriage. Perhaps that’s why some men gain weight, an indication that they are being taken very good care of by their woman.

However, some women over time lose grip of their ability to cook for their man and family due to a number of reasons which include marital/relationship problems, overfamiliarity with their partner, trying to punish their partner for something he did, to mention just a few.

Some of the above reasons may be justifiable by women. Nonetheless, women need to always take cooking seriously given the fact that men love mouth-watering foods. If they stubbornly stick to preparing food anyhow for whatever reason, then they should expect the following to happen:

1. Their man will start eating from restaurants often and not from home. This will cause problems in their home because the woman will start thinking that her man has found a girl friend who cooks for him.

2. Their man is likely to cheat on them with a woman who cooks for him. This could explain why some men cheat on their woman with their maid who cooks great food for them. They start seeing a home maker in the maid, a recipe for divorce.

3. Their man will start cooking for himself. This will get people talking all sorts of things.

As I bring this to a close, I would like to say that there are alot more consequences that a woman could suffer if she doesn’t prepare her food with love. Hence, there is need for women to take the Kitchen department seriously.

I recommend they start watching some food channels which teach different recipes rather than spending most of their time watching such channels as ZEE WORLD. In addition to this,I encourage them to join some cooking groups on facebook, Youtube and whatsapp where real women share different recipes. Such groups will help them horne their cooking skills. They should also start experimenting with different recipes…

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Mr Happy Mbundire is a Researcher, Writter, Mental health practitioner aswell as a Mental health lecturer.


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