I am a through and through and archetypical country boy. Since I started life as an adult, I have been a homeboy.

When I was a young legal practitioner living in Calabar, I made it a habit to be going home every weekend. It was a deliberate policy because I wanted to know my home well. I wanted to know the ethos, culture, traditions, customs of my people, our neighboring communities to know many things and be conservant with my environment.

When I married and started a family, I continued with this policy and taught it in my immediate family. So when wife and children followed suit.

They know the local community very well and relate with the local people. I hardly drive around; I walk the streets when home. When I walked the streets and met local folks, I became familiar with the issues grappling and confronting the local people.

I study the local folks to understand their daily fears, expectations, aspirations, and desires. You will certainly become a caring, compassionate, and patient leader when you understand the people you want to lead.

So I don’t desire to travel the world. To travel to London, Dubai, New York, etc., on holidays to show off or prove to the local folks that I am sophisticated.

I would rather use the money I spent to award scholarships to children from low-income families who need an education. So a leader who is not accessible, simple, easy-going is not worth the trouble.
A leader whose spouse feels it beneath her to relate with local folks or does not even understand the ways of the local folks will never advise her husband to help these folks after getting what he wants from them.
So the electorate must look well and shun money and elect leaders that will never abandon after they are elected because they don’t care.
Okoi Obono-Obla, 14 December 2021


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