Opinion pool in some whatsapp groups is  trending as it seeks to test the popularity of some Aspirants in the forthcoming elections.

This time it was between two Engineers aspiring to represent the good people of Ikom/Boki constituency in the national assembly.

Engineer Dane Osim Asu is the current Commissioner for Works in the Governor Ayade two tenure, a one time house of Assembly member, Director general Cross River State Water Board.

Engr Sunnyskippo Nchu is currently the Vice Chairman National Youth Council, Cross River State central, a private practioner and an enterpreneur.

Some persons referred to to the comparison as a father and son comparison.

The pool question was as below

between Rotr.Engr.Sunnyskipo Nchu Otu and Engr.Dane Osim Asu for Reps Ikom/Boki,who do you prefer?

Some of the reactions is as below ;

Engr. Sunnyskipo Nchu Otu.I see u at the top

Who Dane, Osim Asu help? I personally prefer Engr. Sunnuskipo Nchu Otu for Reps, lkom/Boki.

*Engr.Sunnyskipo Nchu Otu is a goal*

Between *Engr. SunnySkipo Nchu Otu* & so call *Dane, Osim Asu* For Reps, Ikom/Boki. Even baby in the womb knows that between the two persons Mentioned above *Dane, Osim Asu* no follow at all. Him face no show him shoes no shine finally he no even get mouth even for him ward not to talk of other ward. Why will we go for some one that don’t want to see another person progress? A man that don’t have anything to write home about in his ward as Hon. Commissioner for worke’s, for two complete Tenor. A man without reference. *Engr. SunnySkipo Nchu Otu* na u we know ooooo. Engr SunnySkipo Nchu Otu, na full option. Any other person in comparison na *counterfeit* . Follow who know road ooo make una shine una eyes b4 we go do another mistake again, bcus this is an *ERA* of corrections. To correct the mistakes we have earlierly made

You guys are seeking for cheap irrelevant attention but let me disappoint you, you won’t get it.

If you are reasonable enough, why not channel this energy to strategize how to get your party Ticket rather than this non-resultant, wastage and negative energy?

Maybe your Principal lacks the loco standing to appropriately guide you.

We go for Engr Sunyskipo, he is the best and accessible, knowing what the masses want.

Them no get were them rich my brother! So they are free to make noise!

This write up can only come from a man who depend completely on another for favour and survival, stand to have integrity, depend on God alone, man will always fail.

Nobody should respond to them, so they don’t get the cheap attention longing for­čĹé

Disgusting, must you run down somebody to make a point for another.

They are agents of distraction and we won’t give a dime to that toughty manner

Sunnyskipo has shown more than enough capacity, no doubt he is one of the shinning light in Boki.

Leave politics aside, Sunny na grassroot and na the same root we all know.

Before now I never wanted to say anything but at this juncture I have to, how long shall the Aged continue to steal from us??

How long shall the Boki youth in politics be relegated to the background, if anticident traced Barrister ATTAH OCHINKE became a commissioner at the age of 27, it will be profiting if a new narrative is tuned into.

Apart from the Engr DANE OSIM been the commissioner where has he shown capacity,
Over time sunnyskippo have shown pragmatic stewardship and leadership qualities, not been in any government office, the multitudes behind him is overwhelming.

Saying this without any party AFFILIATE
SINCE IT’S THE FIGHT OF THE ENGINEERS, *Engr sunnyskippo is preferred*

Admin,I think you should be reasonable enough to have not allowed this, what is the comparism for ? What are Basis for such comparism ? Comparism between a Father and his son ? Admin I know you as a learned Rotr.Apply the four way test, for this is an embarrassment.

I can now see the reason for your name.

You are indeed blessed.

We should never do comparison with people holding political offices and using government money to pay visits to his party men.

Let us without sentiment do the needful by asking relevant questions.

Both are Boki sons, but inside your inner mind who get capacity? Who is more rooted? Who get youth behind him?

If Handsome Engr Dan leave office will you still support him? Because Engr Sunnyskipo is not in office yet the crow behind him is overwhelming.

Like Sunnyskipo like Ochinke.

Engr. SunnySkipo. Get two leg, two hand, one head like others get too and him come get Sense again. Normally Engr. SunnySkipo, Na Leader Material. Engr. SunnySkipo, Na Full Option ooo 2023.

Are they in the same political party?
Same Central

You must not be in the same party to test popularity sunny better pass

Engr sunnyskippo. 

We are expecting more reactions as Glitztv seeks to here from the Engrs for their opinions on the above pool.


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